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Neymar for Kibon

Memorable matches: on 19 December 2009 FC Barcelona defeated Estudiantes 2-1 and became the first club to win 6 out of 6 trophies in one year.


❝ Signing for barça was the best decision of my life.❞      Javier Mascherano

The Defenders:

"They are the wall and they are the heart."

" I’m very proud to speak of Messi, because I was there When he started off, and now he is the best in the world. It all makes me so happy. The game I remember the most vividly is When He Scored his first goal, because it came from my pass. I would always give passes to Leo so he Could adapt as soon as possible. And now he will do the same for Neymar. It will be very beautiful to see them together . “- Ronaldinho

Lionel Messi during the World Cup (Part 1)



this picture makes me so happy